'Everything Must Go,' opening in limited release today tells the story of Nick Halsey, a man struggling with a drinking problem who in the same day gets fired and comes home to discover his wife has left and dumped all his possessions on the front yard. It's a small, heartfelt movie and the actor who plays Nick? Will Ferrell. That's right, the same goofy man-boy comedian who's made us howl with laughter in 'Step Brothers,' 'Elf,' and 'Talladega Nights.' It's a wonderfully understated and deeply moving performance. Ferrell is one of the nicest celebs PopEater has spoken to and he more than opened up about his latest movie, his magical relationship with "comedy wife" John C. Reilly, and he tries to make sense of Paramount's apparent reluctance to an 'Anchorman' sequel.

"Yeah, I don't understand how they conduct their business. It's funny I think they ... actually I don't know what they think," he said of the studio that released the hugely popular 'Anchorman.' "Once again, they don't comment either way but it's not like it's coming from us unsolicited ... We try to explain there's so much interest in a sequel, we're not making this up!"