Monday, November 14, 2011

Are LeAnn and Eddie Teasing Toward a Beachy Wedding?

Does it really surprise any normal human being out there that LeAnn Rimes spent Thursday showing off her intense six-pack, fake boobs and ribs beachside with future hubby Eddie Cibrian? It's a standard move?and a strategic one on so many levels.

Really? All these PDAs and tanning sessions come amid rumors that the two plan to shock us all and tie the knot beachside in Los Angeles.

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Color us not the slightest bit stumped!

With the "family" birthday celebration for Eddie's son Jake this past weekend and both LeAnn and Eddie's divorces finalized, the wedding and the bride-to-be's bones really seem to be coming to the surface.

Plus, a super-soon ceremony would be fitting since the singer spilled her guts?well, what's left of them?to reporters about her messy divorce with Dean Sheremet and about the salacious start of her relaysh with Eddie.

And what's a LeAnn bikini photo op without a tweet here and there, right?

Drowning in denial, she defensively tweeted per usual, saying:

"Only working out I've done this week has been playing on the beach! It's been so nice! Beach is gorgeous!"

Subtle hints of your upcoming, laid-back wedding locale, or are you trying to prove you're weightier than we all think and see?

Either way, we remember the days L-girl and that buff fianc� fibbed over and over again about engagement talk.

That yes-no, maybe-so game looks like it has been reset, and it involves much more photo faking.

If indeed the beachside Los Angeles wedding is set to be this weekend, Eddie's kids would be with mommy Brandi Glanville. But with the former Twitter enemies making peace over pizza at Chuck E. Cheese's, maybe Brandi will take a turn as a bridesmaid. �

Why the hell not? After all, if LeAnn and Eddie are really all about love this weekend, so are we!

WATCH: LeAnn spill her "guts"

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