Friday, November 18, 2011

Montel Williams' drug paraphernalia charge dropped

MILWAUKEE ? A judge dismissed a drug paraphernalia possession charge against former talk show host Montel Williams, who was briefly detained at a Milwaukee airport in January after a search of his luggage turned up the type of pipe commonly used for smoking marijuana.

Williams, who says he legally uses marijuana to treat chronic pain caused by multiple sclerosis, was scheduled to stand trial in May on the charge. But a Milwaukee County judge dismissed the case Tuesday at the district attorney's request after the pipe tested negative for the drug, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

"We concluded that this case was not provable," Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern said.

Williams lives in New York but is participating in experimental treatment at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He said he forgot the pipe was in his bag, and apologized for inconveniencing the airport security agents, deputies and court system. Williams said he is thankful that he can put the episode behind him.

"This isn't about somebody trying to do something illicit. I'm really just trying to take my medication. Hopefully this issue and this incident will spark some conversations that will help more rational minds find a way to solve the problem and take the patients off the battlefield."


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