Friday, November 4, 2011

Will Princess Jasmine Still Reign in Round 4? Vote in the Best Princess Tournament!

The coronation ceremony for the Best Princess Ever is right around the corner, and the upsets just will not stop! The fairy dust from round three has settled and the Final Four are here!

Did your favorite make it through? Check out the results:

The animated royalty are now completely dominating. Princess Jasmine sent Princess Di back to the palace after she pulled in 53 percent of the vote. And Cinderella still has some time left at the ball now that's she's ended Grace Kelly's tournament ambitions with her own 58 percent.

Shrek's Princess Fiona continues to hold strong against the competition. Belle proved no match for the ogre royalty, who also received 58 percent, but the real animated upset came from Disney's Tangled newcomer Rapunzel. She sent the lovable Ariel back to her undersea home with a dominating 60 percent of the votes.

So who will make it to the royal finals? It's up to you! Can Fiona take on the army of Disney princesses? Or will Jasmine continue her winning streak? Vote now and be sure to follow all the action on Twitter @RoyalsWed!

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